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Conferencing Equipment

  • Conferencing equipment enables you to set up a live conference with colleagues or clients at remote sites; eliminating the need to travel to remote sites.
  • Conferencing equipment can be audio conferencing equipment, network equipment, and video conferencing equipment.
  • They can have a high definition or standard definition resolution, and be used as an audio solution, camera, endpoint, integrator or telepresence.
  • Used in offices, business organizations, network operation/command centers, and entertainment venues.
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  • Specializes in manufacturing a variety of consumer electronics
  • Also offers non-electronic products and services such as home renovation services
  • Its popular products include VIERA Plasma, LCD TVs, LUMIX Digital Cameras, laptop computers, and networkable office solutions
  • Panasonic continues to bring revolution in electronic appliances
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  • Panasonic's new KX-VC300 gives you real-time communication in stunning HD.
  • Point-to-point communication (2 sites).
  • HD 720p video.
  • Uses bandwidth as low as .384 Mbps for video communication.
  • 360° HD Full Duplex Audio with echo cancellation technology.
  • Fixed HD zoom camera
  • Computer/Sub-camera connection (2nd camera/device)
  • Easy connection/operation designed with the end user in mind.
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  • Provides video-conference in full HD video and 360° audio for excellent quality.
  • Delivers a full HD resolution using only 3 Mbps.
  • You can zoom, pan and move around the room with a Mobile HD camera.
  • It increases productivity with improved collaboration in your organization.
  • Package includes: 50" Plasma TV, 2 HD Video Camcorders, HD Video Controller, VPN Router, 360° HD Audio Microphone and Remote Control.
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  • Video-conference in full HD video and 360° audio with 3D capability.
  • A scalable and reliable solution that can capture immersive content and is an educator's easy-to-use training tool.
  • Delivers a greater real time collaboration and realism.
  • It increases productivity with improved collaboration in your organization.
  • You can view full HD images on a wide range of HD monitors.
  • You can zoom, pan and move around the room with a Mobile HD camera.
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