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  • Conferencing equipment enables you to set up a live conference with colleagues or clients at remote sites; eliminating the need to travel to remote sites.
  • Conferencing equipment can be audio conferencing equipment, network equipment, and video conferencing equipment.
  • They can have a high definition or standard definition resolution, and be used as an audio solution, camera, endpoint, integrator or telepresence.
  • Used in offices, business organizations, network operation/command centers, and entertainment venues.
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  • World’s pioneer leading provider for audio conferencing technologies and solutions
  • Takes pride in dominating the professional conferencing space with more than 54% of global market share
  • Its newly introduced product, CHATAttach™ 150 Personal/Group speakerphone is stunning the market
  • Remains favorite among large professional conferencing venues, courtrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms
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The PSR1212 is an advanced 12x12 digital matrix mixer that provides advanced audio processing, microphone mixing and routing for local audio reinforcement. It features 32 user-definable presets to quickly adapt to a variety of sound reinforcement and room-combining applications.
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  • Converge Pro 880 functionality plus built-in telephone interface and power amplifier
  • It also links with other Converge Pro mixers for maximum flexibility and use in many applications.
  • 4-Channel AEC Microphone Mixer / Amplifier / Hybrid
  • (4) Mic/Line Switchable Inputs; (4) Line Level Only Inputs; Total (8) Inputs
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  • An eight microphone telephone hybrid with Distributed Echo Cancellation
  • The Converge Pro 880T combines the rich functionality of the Converge Pro 880 with a built-in telephone interface and speaker amplifier for standalone conferencing applications.
  • 4-Channel AEC Microphone Mixer / Amplifier / Hybrid
  • (8) Mic/Line Switchable Inputs; (4) Line Level Only Inputs; Total (12) Inputs
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  • 8-channel AEC microphone mixer expansion unit (no outputs)
  • An input expansion box for the Converge Pro platform, the 8i delivers new economical configuration flexibility
  • 8-Channel AEC Microphone Mixer (Input Only)
  • (8) Mic/Line Switchable Inputs; (4) Line Level Only Inputs; Total (12) Inputs
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  • Next-generation professional audio conferencing and sound reinforcement
  • 880 is a complete audio system that delivers rich functionality with improved audio performance
  • 8-Channel AEC Microphone Mixer
  • (8) Mic/Line Switchable Inputs; (4) Line Level Only Inputs; Total (12) Inputs
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  • Telephone interface for Converge Pro 880, 840T, 8i
  • The TH20 enables conference call functionality for Converge Pro installations with its single telephone line connection.
  • Telephone Hybrid with Telco Noise Cancellation
  • (2) Line Level Only Inputs; (2) Line Level Only Outputs
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  • An intuitive, cost-effective tabletop controller for ClearOne’s Converge Pro or XAP platform
  • It greatly simplifies control of an audio conference without the
    need for a touch-screen panel control system
  • User-definable keys offer
    simple control of basic audio and presentation functions
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The VH20 provides a direct connection between Converge Pro audio conferencing systems and VoIP-based PBX phone systems so that users can transport audio signals across their IP networks. The VH20 easily links with any of ClearOne’s other Converge Pro products to create a complete audio conferencing system that can quickly be integrated with Cisco, Avaya and many other VoIP PBX phone systems.

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  • USB port connects to PC for Skype, WebEx and other A/V conferencing apps
  • Full-duplex sound enables participants to speak and listen at the same time
  • Add Interact 8i for up to 16 Microphones
  • Headset port connects to Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel handsets
  • Add Interact COM for direct interface to PC or enterprise telephone sets
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  • ClearOne’s HDConference and NEW true stereo AEC provides unrivaled audio quality and intelligibility
  • Scalable and flexible to meet most conferencing needs
  • Integral network management system enables remote configuration, control and monitoring
  • Interoperates with NetStreams™ A/V over IP systems
  • Easy to install, program and use
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The Converge Pro 880TA is a complete conferencing solution with
four power amplifiers. The Converge Pro 880TA delivers enhanced
management features, simplified configuration tools and industryleading
expandablity for use in virtually any venue and application.

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