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  • Conferencing equipment enables you to set up a live conference with colleagues or clients at remote sites; eliminating the need to travel to remote sites.
  • Conferencing equipment can be audio conferencing equipment, network equipment, and video conferencing equipment.
  • They can have a high definition or standard definition resolution, and be used as an audio solution, camera, endpoint, integrator or telepresence.
  • Used in offices, business organizations, network operation/command centers, and entertainment venues.
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  • World’s pioneer leading provider for audio conferencing technologies and solutions
  • Takes pride in dominating the professional conferencing space with more than 54% of global market share
  • Its newly introduced product, CHATAttach™ 150 Personal/Group speakerphone is stunning the market
  • Remains favorite among large professional conferencing venues, courtrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms
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A personal speaker phone — and more! The CHAT 50 connects to a wide variety of devices for hands-free communications and audio playback. A perfect personal solution for road warriors and others who want rich full-duplex audio that is portable and economical.
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The CHAT 70 is a personal speakerphone that connects to PCs and laptops for rich, hands-free audio communication with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. With HDConference™ audio technologies, the CHAT 70 is the perfect audio peripheral for greatly enhanced collaboration through unified communication.
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  • The CHAT 60 is a high-performance USB personal speakerphone for hands-free calls with Skype.
  • It connects to laptops and PCs via USB for rich, full-duplex audio communication.
  • With HDConference™ audio technologies, the CHAT 60 is the perfect audio peripheral for anyone who wants a high-performance audio solution that is both portable and economical.
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A speaker phone for individual or small group use. The CHAT 150 USB connects to PCs for rich, full-duplex audio communications, and can be used with VoIP softphones, web collaboration, instant messaging, and any other applications requiring two-way audio. A perfect addition to the office or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration.
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Group/personal speakerphone ! The CHAT 170 was created by
ClearOne to fill the need for a hands-free speakerphone for small
groups or individuals using Microsoft's unified communications platform,
Office Communications Server 2007

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  • The CHAT 160 is a high-performance USB speakerphone for hands-free conference calls with Skype.
  • It connects to laptops and PCs via USB for rich, full-duplex audio communication
  • With HDConference™ audio technologies and three microphones, the CHAT 160 is the perfect audio peripheral for individuals or groups needing a high-performance hands-free audio solution.
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A speaker phone for individual or small group use. The CHAT 150 VC connects to video conferencing systems for rich, full-duplex audio communications. It provides microphone pickup and echo cancellation that is far superior to the built-in audio on video systems. A perfect addition to multimedia conference rooms for greatly enhanced collaboration. Also connects to PCs for VoIP applications.
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