Video Conferencing: What is it?

The video conferencing is the interactive tool incorporating the technology of audio, video and computers with communication technology to allow people in different location to hold meeting on real time.  Documents, sounds and pictures can be shared by a group all at the same time, either via free video conferencing facility online or video conference in a business setup.

The top five businesses that benefit from videoconferencing include architecture firms, educational institutions (both primary, secondary, continuing education and distance education), the medical fields (including pharmaceutical companies), any and all businesses dealing with finance including banks, brokerage houses, law firms, insurance companies, etc., and many hotel chains.

Videoconferencing brings new meaning and potential to the concept of globalization and it brings the network of business industry into a clearer focus by allowing business in other parts of the world to directly interact with the people it needs to bring together. In a nutshell, videoconferencing makes what was once inaccessible (or only partially accessible), now very accessible.

The uses of video conferencing:

Typical costs involved are:
Car rental
Your time away from home
Lead generation
Customer acquisition and retention

These are just a few of the types of investments of your time and money you incur when growing and expanding your business beyond your local market.
Business travel, often involving hundreds, even thousands of miles away from home is not only becoming more expensive, it also demands an increasing amount of your most valuable commodity - your time.

Online conferencing allows you to control your costs in ways never before possible. You can now communicate and network with people in ways that are not possible over the telephone yet are extremely cost-friendly to your business AND very audience-friendly to your business clients and prospects.

Online conferencing allows you to:

Hold an unlimited number of interactive meetings with prospects and others from your desk.  Increase your productivity by reducing the amount of travel required to establish and build new client relationships.

Don't waste your valuable time with cumbersome conferencing programs that produce moderate results at best and that frustrate nearly everyone who tries to load and participate in your meetings. Online conferencing gives you the power to achieve amazing results with minimal effort and expense.
Online conferencing can immediately increase the sales of your business.

Online conferencing service is available as private label solution or for a low flat-rate monthly or annual subscription.
Communicate faster and more effectively with the power of a online conferencing. You get unlimited web meetings including video, PowerPoint Presenting, screen capture recording and VoIP with 10 seat meeting room for only $20 per month! Discover an easy-to use online conferencing service that gives you a flat-rate, full-service web conference system that is ideal for any business and any budget.
Discover an easy-to use online conferencing service that gives you a flat-rate, full-service web conference system that is ideal for any business and any budget.