Videoconferencing Software

Holding meetings online is about to become commonplace. Now, anyone with a broadband Internet connection and a browser can log onto the Internet and take part in or host a web conference, a web and video conference or a webinar.

MegaMeeting has taken web and video conferencing services a step further with new, 100% desktop, browser based web conferencing services and webinar software that does not require any special installation on your computer. Meeting online has never been this easy

iVisit : Combine video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging, AVMessaging, file sharing and web co-browsing for richer online meetings with family, colleagues or customers. Available in German, Japanese and Spanish versions for PC

Share pictures, videos, music or any file format during voice calls or video conferences
Transfer files and folders in the background; share your albums and movies with family and friends. Bypass email and experience the benefits of iVisit security

e/pop Web Conferencing: secure, web, VoIP and video conferencing. This web conferencing software goes far beyond traditional conferencing services (PowerPoint, application and desktop sharing), to include audio (VoIP) and video conferencing, remote control, and a complete set of real-time controls over layouts, users and bandwidth all as standard, built-in features of the product.

e/pop is available as on-premise software and hosted service. For distributed networks, on-premise installation provides IT managers with maximum control over routing, performance and security.

The following is a list of the video conferencing software which is generally available right now over the Internet.

CU-SeeMe v1.0

CU-SeeMe is a project of Cornell University for audio and video conferencing over the Internet.
Users can either connect directly to each other or they can enter a conference at a reflector.
Color video and now, view up to 24 participant windows simultaneously.
Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Amiga.

CUseeMe Networks CUseeMe v3.1.3 (build 004)

CUseeMe Networks (formerly White Pine) has taken over the commercialization of CU-SeeMe and has developed enhanced CUseeMe.
Directory service, contact list, multipoint video conferencing (up to 12), IP or email call, phone book.
H.323 interoperability (when connected to a CUseeMe Conference Server).
Available for PC and Mac

CUseeMe Networks CUseeMe (Pro) v6.0

Video, audio, chat, multipoint video conferencing (up to 22), directory service, full screen video with PIP.
Zap, MSN messenger service, channels, access control, Firewall / NAT, and gatekeeper options.
Point to point H.323 compliance, fully detachable UI components, Firewire webcam support

Dwyco video conferencing system v2.97b

Video, audio, public and private chat, file transfer, call screening.
Zap message system (send and receive video/audeo/text messages), public & private conference rooms.
Directory services and multipoint video conferencing support.

Software for Home Use
Camfrog Video Chat : Camfrog works great for multi-user videoconferencing. Users world-wide set up and host their own video chat rooms using their home PC or a dedicated server.
Microsoft NetMeeting: This software comes preinstalled with all versions of Windows. Just go to your Start menu and choose "run" then type "conf.exe" to launch it. After you do this type in the IP address of the other user you want to conference with to begin videoconferencing. This software also has basic document sharing.
MSN Messenger: All Windows computers now come with MSN Messenger and this software now supports webcam chat for one-on-one videoconferencing with audio.
What Should You Look for Before Selecting Video Conference Software
As it is so important to get the best video conferencing software that will work for your company, you will need to consider the following facts before deciding to purchase any software.


You need to establish how much money you can and want to spend on internet video conferencing software. Try to calculate if the cost of this software equipment will outweigh costs that would have to be made for travelling etc if you did not have to video conferencing option.


This is the balance between price and several other factors such as: ease of use, longevity of equipment, reliability, cost of network calls and cost of upgrades or updates. Determining these factors in advance of your purchase can significantly affect the choice of systems.

Number of Users

Figure out how many user groups there will be (most of the time) that will make use of the video conferencing option, will you hold video meetings for mainly two parties? Or three? This is important to know as it will help you choose the right internet video conferencing software.