Video Conferencing system provides signals by using of specfic hardware and software in specific time resulting in giving the best conference

Video conferencing telecommunication combines people from different area of interests by means of audio and video tele communication applications.The interaction is done through different equipments which can be catogorised in point to point and multi point . It removes the gap as individuals from different locations are connected over a single platform on information sharing and work implementation .

The video conferencing can be used for various functions as sharing of documents is made effective,furthur more power point presentations can be presented by means of computer screens and in addition to it marketing and promotion activities can be conducted which bring consumers together in the specific market segment.

There is a range of video conferencing equipment which are categorized from the first analog computer to multi points control units. With respect to the calls and data are exchanged between different parties by the help of IP and ISDN solutions. This connection uses a decentralized multi point connecting each station over high bandwidths.

Different modes are used in video conferencing including SIP which stands for Session Initiation Protocol which connects various points through IP network over Internet, phone or instant messaging.

Other names include TEEVE, which stands for Tele-immersive Environments for everybody. It brings the whole new platform, providing benefits of high quality audio and video services.

Video conferencing gives one of the innovative features which is Echo Cancellation and noise cancellation. Echo Cancellation prevents merging of echo and sound. This function stops hearing of own voice by the remote party. Consequently high-reflected sound with high frequencies may make it hard to understand the voice and unwanted noise may occur with it. Eventually it prevents the collision of two parties’ voice where as noise cancellation stops the extra noise by means of noise control device preventing the anti noise waves colliding to the microphones.

The problems in video conferencing can be disruption of eye contact which plays a big role in getting a immediate attention from audiences in group communication, whereas video conferencing lacks in building any eye contact which may give a wrong impression.Telepresence is used as the solution to this problem. The other problem includes appearance fear as the burden of giving live presentations on cameras makes the speaker confused in direct audio and video meeting and with the advanced technology this problem in being solved .

The components of video conferencing can be classified in video input that can be provided through video camera or web cam; in addition to it video output is the other part that results from monitor device or a projector. Audio input and output are used in providing sound by means of speaker that eventually gives data transfer via analog or digital networks.

Overall video conferencing is changing this world into a virtual studio where the geographic boundaries have been disappeared. There are seller marketing software and investors who invest in technological advancement to compete in this changing market, like wise there are some social networking websites which help people in their businesses so that they can make more use of it to be profitable in many ways.summary can be stated as conferencing is required in organisations where live conferenicg is the growing need in addition to it information exchange is must and traveling expenses are high lacking individual meetings at a sigle location. With respect to it, Clary Business Machines gives you perfect the video conferencing solutions implementing easy live conferencing methods.