Video Conference can save 70% of the time and cost in businesses

Videoconference is the latest technology in communications allowing people especially the corporate individuals to communicate with clients and staff located in different parts of the world. Today, because of videoconference traveling costs have tremendously been reduced to almost 70%. The technology allows different companies to have online conferences face-to-face using the basic equipment microphone and a video interface enabling both parties to view each other simultaneously. Videoconference is not restricted to one on-one meetings but group meetings like board meetings, presentations, seminars, conferences and many more can also be done.

The Video conference system can simply be connected by installing a microphone and a web cam on both ends of the systems. These systems are connected via broadband Internet, ISDN and other modes. Using some software it is adjusted to run on both the systems so that both the sides can catch the Audio and Visual contents. It does not matter that how far they both are, but it is the connection that must be stable between both parties.

There are two types of video conferencing equipment available in the market.

One is the Single Console - this is a single device used to run a conference involving many people to join the meeting simultaneously at each end. There is no Computer required to make it work because the Console already has a built-in system, which makes it work without any issue. This console is usually remote controlled which allows the camera to move on all sides of the room. It can also be used to zoom at the desired person.

The second is the Personal System - This system is normally used to communicate one on one with someone using the video and the audio features that are controlled by the Computer. The Web cam, microphone and speaker/headphone have to be connected separately to the system, to start a Conference.

Both these devices are not that expensive as people think. Single Console is of course expensive as compared to the personal system devices, as there are a lot of functions simultaneously working in the console. The microphone and camera is not expensive but it really depends on the activity that it is being used for. A single console can be more reliable than having more than one device. Those people who use Video Conference for their business prefer single console.

Today, many companies hire employees for their offices while interviewing them via the Video conferencing. The clarity of voice and sharpness of video is so greatly involved that people donít use a landline or cell phone to communicate any more. The result of the video is so accelerated & quick that it never lags nor does anything interrupts during the conferencing.

Finally concluding this topic makes me recognize the devices of Cisco Voice Conference, which is one of the favorite video conference system as it has more than 20 amazing features and advantages than any other sources of communication. This is one of those innovative technologies that make a person proud of being in a world that is moving at a better pace in bringing advancements in different systems.