The Sony PCS

The Sony PCS set-top videoconferencing systems incorporate the most advanced IT and worldwide-proven AV technologies into a compact and stylish two-piece body. They're ideal for engaging in simple, immediate, and face-to-face communication with your staff or to make critical project decisions. The PCS Set-top systems provide effective data-sharing capabilities and bring superb acoustic quality into videoconferencing applications for more natural sound clarity.

The PCS range of videoconferencing systems provides the latest in conferencing technology and user features that are easy to use while conforming to all industry standard. The system reaches speeds up to 2 Mbps over IP networks and up to 768 Kbps over the ISDN network. The PCS-x offers a high performance internal MCU option connecting up to multiple sites for a videoconference using any combination of ISDN or IP connections with the optional multipoint software option. It also has such new features as enhanced data collaboration capabilities and built-in electronic whiteboard interface. The PCS-X provides built-in Sony QoS technology to help ensure and enhance video quality over unmanaged networks. Superb audio is featured through AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) at over 14 kHz, compliant with the MPEG-4 standard. These and other features incorporate the most advanced IT and Sony's world-wide proven AV technologies into a compact and stylish two-piece body.