Sony Video conferencing systems provide a high class video communication feed through broadband lines to almost anywhere in the world, so that business organizations can have the benefit of communicating with clients or staff personnel from the comfort of an office room without the hassle of wasting time, energy and money on traveling to the a location.

The most obvious utility of video conferencing is the ability to allow one to interact with his or her colleagues almost as if he/she were sitting at the same table with them without the need to be physically present. Those who are compelled to frequently make long distance treks, with all the monetary expenses it entails, may well see the merits in foregoing these travails in favor of video conferencing. To arrange a video conference-where each participant may be at home or at their usual workplace- will typically be several magnitudes less complex, not to mention less expensive, than organizing for the transportation of participants from a number of geographically distant locales to a designated point for a more conventional face to face conference. And there is little such a meeting will accomplish that could not be done via video conferencing.

Thus, video conferencing presents itself as an attractive alternative to those bound to make frequent long distance trips in order to be present at a conference. It is a near certainty that whatever initial costs that the initial use of video conferencing entail will be swiftly compensated for its severing travel related expenses.

The new Sony High Definition Visual Communication System. Going High Definition (HD) in the world of videoconferencing has never been more exhilarating than with the PCS-HG90. For the first time in this industry, a high definition video format of 1280 x 720 at 60P and a maximum video transfer rate of 8Mb/s over an IP network has been achieved. With its advanced H.264 HD video codec and its high-resolution and high frame rate of 1280 x 720 60P/30P, the PCS-HG90 boasts realistic and lifelike images even on large-screen displays. In addition to high-quality images, the PCS-HG90 features clear and natural-sounding audio, with its wide frequency range of up to 22 kHz using MPEG-4 AAC (Advance Audio Coding). Suffice it to say, the future is now with the PCS-HG90. This is the highest range product in our market currently.

For a company the Sony PCS-G Series Room Integration Video conferencing System would be ideal. The Sony PCS-G Series systems are ideal for most videoconferencing applications from the boardroom to large venue meeting halls, from broadcast to medical teaching applications and more. Sony has combined advanced audio and video technologies with useful features to provide a visual communication tool for all businesses. Long distance meetings can be held as if all parties were in the same room, saving the time and trouble of traveling to distant locations for a simple meeting. Key features of the G-Series systems include site-name display function and the capability to record audio and video to Memory Stick ® media.