Sony Videoconferencing Features

Sony offers two basic types of videoconferencing system, each one offering its own blend of benefits to suit a wide range of visual communications needs from individual executives working in their own office to larger meetings in a boardroom or auditorium.

Personal desktop systems like the PCS-TL50P and PCS-TL30P integrate voice, video and data sharing functions into a space-saving “all-in-one” desktop unit. Featuring a built-in video camera, the screen also doubles as a PC monitor to reduce office clutter.

Group systems like the PCS-G70VP and PCS-G50P are ideal for use in larger meeting rooms, boardrooms and auditoria. Cameras, microphones and screens are connected to the central MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), allowing the system to be configured to suit the needs of the room layout and the number of participants. Larger group systems also offer support for “high-end” features like simultaneous multi-point conferencing between several sites, high-quality wideband audio, data sharing via connected PC and connection of a second camera to provide an additional point of view in the conference room
Dual Streaming: as supported by systems like the PCS-G70P enriches any conference where a second point of view is required. Video can be captured and transmitted simultaneously from two sources. This allows images to be viewed on two separate monitors or as a ‘split' display on a single monitor.
Memory Stick functions:All Sony videoconferencing systems offer support for Memory Stick removable media.