Sony Video Conferencing

The Sony video conferencing systems are elegantly designed and small enough to fit on your desk. The range of Sony set-top video conferencing systems is equally at home in meeting rooms of any size, right up to the largest boardroom. With ultra compact plug and play design, Sony makes video conferencing simple and affordable for users of all types and sizes

As one of the most recognized brands in the world, Sony is the global leader in consumer electronic products. Sony and IVCi have partnered to deliver the most affordable small-to-medium business video conferencing package available today.

Sony video conferencing systems are known for their high quality video images. In addition, Sony has built its reputation on high quality electronic equipment. Sony has further enhanced that reputation with its entrance into the video conferencing market.

Each of the products in the Sony video conferencing line provides an exceptional video image and an extremely good value. The Sony PCS-1, PCS-11, PCS-1S, PCS-TL30, PCS-TL50 and PCS-G70 systems offer all the ease you have come to expect from Sony with a level of affordability that is rare in high quality business electronics

Sony PCS-HG90

Introducing the Sony PCS-HG90 high definition codec with optional PCSA-CHG90 high definition camera. IPELA Visual Communications is the concept of video conferencing taken to an entirely new level of performance, for an entirely new class of dynamic applications.

Sony PCS-G70

Video conferencing systems continue to evolve as we enter a new era of visual communication. Sony is leading this evolution by staying ahead of the latest technological trends in video conferencing and developing systems that meet customers' demands. Sony PCS-G70 video communication system is the latest solution to meet the needs of customers.

Sony PCS-G50

The Sony PCS-G50 is a video conferencing system that achieves high-quality video and audio. It is ideal for use in medium-sized conference rooms for a number of applications, such as corporate, education, and medical.

Sony PCS-1

The Sony PCS-1 video conferencing system provides the latest in conferencing technology and user features that are easy to use while conforming to all industry standards. The system reaches speeds up to 2 Mbps over IP networks and up to 768 Kbps over the ISDN network.

Sony PCS-TL50

Bringing a new level of versatility and convenience to video conferencing, Sony Electronics is introducing the PCS-TL50 series, its first desktop video conferencing solution for executive personal communication and/or small meeting space usage.

Sony PCS-TL50 for Cisco CallManager

The Sony PCS-TL50 for Cisco CallManager comes with both IP and ISDN connection capabilities. The system supports ITU-T standard H.264 to achieve television-like quality video on limited bandwidth, as well as high-quality audio through MPEG4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).

Sony PCS-TL30

The PCS-TL30 is a videoconferencing system that achieves high-quality video and audio. It is ideal for use in medium-sized conference rooms for a number of applications, such as corporate, education, and medical.

SONY Video Conferencing Products

Board Room : Sony provides solutions for high resolution presentations and meetings that demand the highest image quality and performance. Sony Videoconferencing Solutions allow you to "stay in the picture", giving you the liberating power to do what corporate executives have been trying to do for ages be in two places at once.

Conference Room : Sony conference solutions help to enhance meetings with simple design and easy operation. You can focus on the issues at hand and not on the technology.

Personal Communications : Sony conference solutions provide creative new ways to do business in a digital environment. Whether you're working remotely or from an office, Sony videoconferencing can keep you connected to your staff, offsite locales, any number of branch offices, or even key vendors.