Sony Equipment for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing components are pieces of video conferencing equipment needed to be able to establish a link between different users who have logged in to the same video conference. An example of a video conferencing component is a digital video display, used to receive images from other people taking part in a video conference.

Sony video conferencing systems are known for their high quality video images. In addition, Sony has built its reputation on high quality electronic equipment. Sony has further enhanced that reputation with its entrance into the video conferencing market. Their products include the following:
PCS-1 : Providing the latest video conferencing technology, the PCS-1's easy-to-use features conform to industry standards. The PCS-1 includes a codec, microphone and camera in a small set top form factor.

The PCS-1 offers an optional high performance internal MCU for connecting up to six sites into one video conference. Advantages of the PCS-1 include presentation of high quality images from a PC or Memory Sticks (without the need for an associated PC). These images can be sent in a separate path from the primary video path (similar to Duo Video on Tandberg and People+Content on Polycom systems) using the H.239 standard. Additionally, the PCS-1 provides network bandwidth capability at up to 2Mbps IP or 768Kbps on ISDN.

PCS-11 : The Sony PCS-11 is based on the same quality audio and video conferencing capabilities as the PCS-1 system at a lower price. Perfect as an entry level system for new video conferencing users or for branch offices, the Sony PCS-11 has been designed for the small-to-medium business needs. The PCS-11 provides network bandwidth capability at up to 1Mbps IP or 768Kbps on ISDN.

G70 : Designed to complement large conference room presentations, the G70 is perfect for the executive meetings, Distance Learning and Telemedicine. The Sony G70 offers high quality imaging and sound, capture and display features and multipoint video conferencing calls.

The G70 is built for integration into conference rooms with displays and projectors that are used for other purposes. G70's can be purchased with cameras, microphones and displays as options or the video system can be connected to those you already own. When you need to bring the world into your conference room, the G70 can utilize these in-room systems to transform a conference room into a global meeting venue. Whether you're a nonprofit organization in medical research or large corporation with offices and clients worldwide the Sony PCS-G70 can be your source for high quality and versatile video communications at a low cost.