Sony Conferencing

PCS-HG90 High Definition Visual Communications System

Introducing the Sony PCS-HG90 high definition codec with optional PCSA-CHG90 high definition camera. These dynamic applications require higher, more robust level of audio and video quality to satisfy the critical demands of a broad range of professional end users.

PCS-G Series Room Integration Videoconferencing Systems

The Sony PCS-G Series systems are ideal for most videoconferencing applications from the boardroom to large venue meeting halls, from broadcast to medical teaching applications and more. Sony has combined advanced audio and video technologies with useful features to provide a visual communication tool for all businesses.

PCS-TL Series Desktop Videoconferencing Systems

Sony's all-in-one Sony PCS-TL Series videoconferencing systems are ideal for executive offices, SOHOs and small offices/meeting spaces. They're easy to install, because everything is built-in, and preprogramming the unit is also very simple with the supplied Remote Commander® unit and intuitive GUI. The unit's user-friendly design makes placing and retrieving calls as easy as pressing a button even easier than making a phone call. And, the large display doubles as a PC monitor, making multitasking easy too.

PCS-1 Set-top Videoconferencing Systems

The Sony PCS-1 set-top videoconferencing systems incorporate the most advanced IT and worldwide-proven AV technologies into a compact and stylish two-piece body. They're ideal for engaging in simple, immediate, and face-to-face communication with your staff or to make critical project decisions.