Internet Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing over the Internet is a new enabling technology for a number of applications in education, research, collaboration and day-to-day communication.

Video conferencing is a powerful tool and provides a virtual meeting environment that gives the benefit of real meeting. There are various kinds of conferences held using a video conferencing information system. Depending on the nature of the conference it becomes important to
plan the video conferencing information system schedule. It becomes very important to check the requirements for smooth progress of the meeting.A videoconference can be annual meeting of the organization or a product launch or it could be a virtual training session. The duration can vary from few minutes to hours. The long meetings on video conferencing has to be smooth and error free, no one likes distorted audio and video nor do they like any interruptions in between something crucial.

Long duration conferences need to be more comfortable, error free and interesting to hold people's attention for longer period. If the time involved is long it needs one has to be more cautious for smooth running of the system and the presentation should not become a nightmare for you.

Distance education and traditional classroom courses can benefit tremendously from this new, reliable and affordable means of interactive two-way communication.

The Videoconferencing for Learning website supports effective and educational uses of videoconferencing by providing basic information about the technology and instructional applications as well as resources to help you find and collaborate with other videoconferencing teachers, librarians, and content providers.

Tips for a Successful Video Conference Presentation
Know The Environment : Make acquainted yourself with the video conferencing system and place. For smooth running of the presentation and to make it effective it is essential know the environment. You need to know whether you have team member who are attending the conference for the first time. They need to be guided and trained in advance.

Other Participant Contact Details: You should have all the details so required for the conference of other participants of the conference in different locations. You should take technical support if so required while dialing out to start your conference.

Presentation Content: The materials that you need during the videoconference should be checked in advance, if you have soft copy of the materials in floppy or CD then load them on the PC and get yourself familiar with its usage. If you have uploaded it on the Internet then download and save it on your data PC.

Arrive on Time: Try to be at the venue some time before the videoconference start, this ensures you to check all the required peripherals, last minute settling in and checking the materials so required. All the people who will be attending the conference should be well settled and ready with their prerequisites. Position everyone in a manner so that everyone can be viewed as clearly as possible. Check the microphones and test the sound clarity and quality.