Benefits of video conferencing in International Business

Videoconferencing is a new technology that is quickly opening doors in the online world. International business is catching onto the trend and it is becoming more and more commonplace among both newly established not to mention, well-established businesses. Videoconferencing is well on its way to becoming more affordable for businesses with modest budgets. No longer is it the technology for the wealthy.

For example, in 2002 the price for videoconferencing equipment dropped a whopping eighty percent from its original price. Some international businesses have been quick to take advantage of videoconferencing whereas others, such as the architecture firms have been slow to do so. There is a tremendous potential for the growth of business on international levels and companies well aware of this fact are using it to their greatest advantage.

There are many opportunities available to make use of videoconferencing technology and they require a low risk factor as well as a very small financial investment. There is a federal program known as the CS or Commercial Service of the United States Department of commerce (also called the U.S. Department of commerce Support) that makes every effort to support firms located in the United States (in particular companies that are medium to small in size) in order to encourage exports.

The network known through out the world that has as its express purpose to do everything in its power to encourage the international business interests and to help them grow in every way possible. To describe its duties in a more complex way, The CS offers comprehensive, customized solutions to the international trade challenged of the U.S. companies and provides export promotion assistance through a variety of products and services.

Does your business have locations far and wide, with employees who must meet with each other in order for your business to run smoothly? If so, you know how expensive gathering all your employees together in one place can be. Video conferencing could help your business save time and money, as well as increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

If your business is one of the many that must pay employees' travel time, transportation, hotel, and food expenses in order for them to attend meetings in person, you know how these expenses can add up. And when your employees are on the road or in the air, your business loses hours of productivity.

Video conferencing provides a better option for many of today's business owners. Purchasing and maintaining video conferencing equipment is an investment on which you can expect to see immediate returns.

Video conferencing is a technology that integrates audio and video, allowing employees to see and talk to each other as effectively as if they were in the same room. The advantage is that they are actually miles, even continents, apart.

Many recent advances in video conferencing technology, your business can become video-conference ready at a reasonable price. Ten years ago video conferencing costs could run as high as $50,000 per site! Now, packages are available for less than half of that, and can often be paid for or rented monthly for payments of under $100!