Video conferencing can make people see the world just by sitting at one place

Video conferencing is one of the greatest technologies to come out of the last twenty years.  The newer video conferencing systems are quite easy to use and they transmit pictures audio and video in the best possible manner.

It has become a perfect substitute for sitting in the same room with another person, making it the perfect substitute for extensive travel between states, countries in the same time zone.

There are number of different creative uses for video conferencing that you should consider when you are thinking about this new great technology.

Virtual field trips can help the child get motivated on the subject.  The careers they dream seem so far away with virtual field trips and visits with scientist and other career professionals who may have been off-limits.  Children can get closer to the experience themselves.  Helping them to realize that there careers are not a thing of future. They are something which they can be working on it today.

Another creative use of video conferencing is applying in multi-school project or learning projects that involve more than one school.  In this application schools from districts.

In gateway communities video conferencing is utilized.  Each Gateway community may offer unique living and investment potential.  For the consumer interested in these types of communities there may be additional benefits.  Gated community are perceived as safer for children and families.  From retirement communities to equestrian communities from waterfront communities to forested secluded communities are sought out by many home buyers looking for that little something. Special for their investment.  Gated communities work for everyone not only for the wealthy people.

Video conferencing is used for security purposes.  Lot of security agencies are conducting their surveillance.  They would often use hidden or spy camera than transmit the images to the host.

Video conferencing is beneficial in conducting meeting at the comfort of your office.  Some of the hidden cost that can be avoided as well as insurance premium to cover the traveling employee, the cost of hiring the temporary replacement or the overtime to cover the workload of the employee.  As well as the money that it cost to call upon the meeting for the debriefing.  As you can see the time that is lost in travel is useable in video conferencing.

With video conferencing all office applications and files are immediately accessible.  In order for the conference to go well the participants of the conference will be well prepared for the presentation.
If you are presenting a video conference, you need to have the best audio, visual equipment available.   There are several types to choose from portable, roll about, installed or PC based are for three to four people or possibly upto fifteen; the portable are upto fifteen, the portable are for two to eight people and the installed ones are for five to six people, possible upto 30. 

Portable setups will be used in most of the video conferences.  The monitors for these setups will range from 20”-35”monitors.  If the group is large say 20 people a system with an LCD projector would work better.