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The applications for video conferencing are endless. A growing number of people no longer work at a corporate headquarters and are highly distributed. And, over 60% of communication is non-verbal; therefore meeting face to face over distance enhances understanding and meeting outcomes.
Users want the experience to be as close to a real, in-person meeting as possible. They also want it to be reliable and simple to use.
People want to walk into rooms and easily connect a PC that everyone can see clearly and interact with naturally. At times there may be one or two people in the room and other times 15-20, consider size to help in selecting the right solution.

The new generation of video conferencing products provide dramatically better resolution and motion handling at all bandwidths from 384K to over 1Mbps. Typically you will need between 1 and 2Mbps to run HD video conferencing. Most businesses and even home users have plenty of bandwidth for exceptional video.

Invest in only standards-compatible systems. HD systems are interoperable with SD systems and work well for users. This transition to HD will not happen overnight but it is happening.

Organizations should work with a qualified network service provider to plan the right network and opt for certain service levels as the application permits – but it is hard to argue with the cost of the public Internet.
That depends on the vendor you partner with. New generation HD systems are available at a £6 – 10K price range with all options included. It does not have to cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds per system or room.
High definition is the most important enabler to a Telepresence experience, enabling people to be the full size onscreen and scalable on a 16:9 display(s) without losing resolution. Some boardrooms and applications will require a fully integrated Telepresence room and others will use high definition video systems and large displays to meet.
If you feel that video conferencing will benefit your business then you we would advise that you see a demonstration. Compare market offerings and invest in a future-proof solution for the next 5-10 years.
LifeSize is the high definition video communication company. LifeSize has pioneered a completely new experience for people who need to meet face-to-face over distance. With higher definition quality, people are full-size, absolutely clear and meetings are natural and productive.
Most business enterprises today are becoming more and more dependent on web conferencing. By availing of web conferencing, enterprises save on the costs of travel and accommodation. Moreover, web conferencing helps enterprises discuss important matters with clients in distant regions.
Communication technology has gone far to serve the different areas of business and development programs. Web conferencing is one of the present day media in the field of communication. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection to set up web conferencing with others. This is one of the modern ways that enterprises use to remain in touch with their people and their customers who are based all over the world.