Video conferencing system has brought the people closer, more like a global village.

We are living in an age where internet has revolutionize the manner in which we conduct business. Every kind of business has taken the advantage of internet as means of connecting with people and markets on the global level. One way in which it is becoming very popular is through conference calls.

Utilizing internet as means of communications business matters has put the wealth of global possibilities at the fingertips of any corporation.  Not taking advantage of today’s advanced technology can prove expensive to your business.

Video conferencing is means of installing equipment on standard desktop or laptop computers to communicate via internet provider, conference programme, camera system and microphone.  The equipment is relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to use. When you compare the cost of the equipment of video conferencing to the cost of air travel and fuel of cost which has to incur on the client is much more than the use of video conferencing. 

Video conferencing features helps in getting you connect with one to one client without leaving the premises of your office. You instantly forgo the hassels of traffic, schedule conflicts and interruptions when you meet your business associates through conferencing.

Video conferencing is extremely versatile as well as it offers many means of document transmission, real time conversation and many features where you can communicate with several clients and business associates at the same time. Cutting down on your business expenditures will be likely and great news for your revenues when you incorporate conferencing in your business.  In-person meeting come at financial expense when you are flying  in associates, serving refreshments and snacks and using additional staff to ensure that the  conference room meetings runs seamlessly.  With video conferencing you eliminate each of these costs while fraction of the cost is used in the installation of the system.  Combine two major advantages into your business of video conferencing and you have achieved ultimate goal in video conferencing.  Increased productivity and enhanced profit margin.  With less time spend going to and from the meeting  you have more time on your hands to complete you work which needs to be done.  Your business has saved some money in the mean time.

As much as they might like to, your customers are probably too busy to be on your board as a favor. Let them know, if they haven't figured it out already, that participating on your board influences your organization to provide better product and service to theirs.

Choose the right members for the right reasons.
Select your board members for qualities and values they bring. Benefit from their insight, perceptions, motivations, and ability to communicate - perhaps even their contrarian view. Avoid figureheads picked for their visibility or high positions - they are likely to skip meetings, and when they show they'll have little to contribute.  

Apprise members ahead of time of agenda items and provide detailed backgrounders. Prompt their thinking with questions for their consideration.

Use your advisory board for their advice. Customers will see through transparent plans to generate more sales. Increased sales will happen anyway - don't prompt for them.