The 21st Century is also the age of video conferencing

In today’s world there are endless obstacles which must be overcome to be able to find a good job. Telecommuting also known as e-commuting or e-work is the term used when the individuals take advantage of the many technological advances to work from anywhere they desire giving them flexibility in their hours and work location.

These opportunities are great for one parent home where only one parent can easily work. Some workplaces make it difficult for the handicapped people to commute so now due to video conferencing they can successfully work and earn a livelihood. Many organizations still prefer Virtual private networks, video conferencing and voice over IP used in telecommuting.

The benefits of video conferencing

Companies who have less office space will obviously be benefited by allowing employees to telecommute. Also there is significant cost-saving due to the decreased spending on overhead costs. The employees too save due to the savings on fuel, vehicle maintenance and costs related to repair.

Time saving

The employees can also save their precious time which otherwise would get wasted in commuting from home to the work-place.

Work-life balance

The employees can have an improved quality of life by balancing their family life with their office work and hence can look forward to a better health too. In this way, the employees can give in their best to the work assigned.

Enhanced productivity

The employees who have an access to this facility obviously can lend greater productivity since they balance their work-life. And also due to the time-saving the organizations do not lose on their productive hours.

Decrease in the employee turnover

Such a kind of work arrangement provides flexibility to an employee and so there are fairer chances of increased employee retention.

Apart from all these benefits, there is also an energy conservation and protection of the ecosystem due to the reduced overall traffic congestion and controlled pollution.

Perhaps, most significant of the benefits of this communication system is cost savings, since IP telephony has capability to converge voice as well as data networks into a single cohesive network, the overall management system is streamlined from a single location, which in turn ensures reduced costs for moves, adds, and changes. The success of any business organization depends on the way you satisfy your customers.

Good communication is also vital for maintaining customer reliability. Video conferencing enables the customers to reap the benefits of low cost infrastructure.