Panasonic KX-VC500 HD Video Conferencing System

  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System
  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System
  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System
  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System
  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System+-+Rear
  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System+-+Speaker
  • Panasonic+KX-VC500+HD+Video+Conferencing+System+-+Remote
Panasonic KX-VC500 HD Video Conferencing System
Panasonic KX-VC500 HD Video Conferencing System
  • Provides video-conference in full HD video and 360° audio for excellent quality.
  • Delivers a full HD resolution using only 3 Mbps.
  • You can zoom, pan and move around the room with a Mobile HD camera.
  • It increases productivity with improved collaboration in your organization.
  • Package includes: 50" Plasma TV, 2 HD Video Camcorders, HD Video Controller, VPN Router, 360° HD Audio Microphone and Remote Control.
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General Information

Category:Video Conferencing EquipmentManufacturer:Panasonic
Application:Large Conference Rooms, Small to Medium-sized RoomsResolution:High Definition
Solution:Video Conferencing SystemsModel:KX-VC500KTA-D

Full HD Videoconferencing and Mobile Camera Capability

The Panasonic KX-VC500 HD Video conferencing system brings real-time, High-Definition videoconferencing. Distance will no longer be a barrier for your progress. You will be able to instantaneously communicate and collaborate with colleagues and industry experts at remote locations. It includes a circular speaker that allows you and your participants to be heard clearly; you wouldn't have to lean in the microphone to be heard anymore. The 1080i resolution provides a crystal clear picture, even the smallest of details can be seen. The pre-set speed dials and a touch connection eliminates set up time, giving you more time to spend on the conference. The Panasonic KX-VC500 brings real-time collaboration to a whole new level and saves you money by reducing travel and improving productivity. It is perfect for exploring an issue on a device with minute details, or medical diagnoses.

Panasonic KX-VC500 HD video conferencing System
Panasonic VC500 Features FULL HD Video & Audio
The Panasonic VC500 comes with full HD video and 360° audio. This allows for exceptional clarity and sound quality. You can see and hear your colleagues across the country as if they were right across the table.
Total Flexibility & Mobility
The Panasonic VC500 allows you to link up to 3 different locations. These can be achieved with an additional hand-held, mobile camera at each site. The customizable set up lets you design a system that’s perfect for you.
Panasonic VC500 Features
Panasonic VC500 Features Lower Bandwidth
The Panasonic VC500 delivers full HD video even down to 3 Mbps. This is a cost-effective use of bandwidth and beneficial as other systems require 6 Mbps for HD resolution.
  • Faster decision making. A major benefit is that your teams connect instantly, and they get answers quickly. This helps as key decisions are not left "up in the air" as colleagues travel for on-site meetings.
  • Greater Detail. You can zoom in to get the finer details of any item including solder joints, circuit board chips, and close-up details during medical procedures.
  • Higher productivity. It enables you to get more work done. You're in the office and achieve more instead of rushing to the airport.
  • A smaller "carbon footprint" for your company. Another benefit is that you still get face-to-face meeting and it leaves a leaner, greener image of your company.
  • More face-time with the family. Why waste time catching flights? When you can have meetings on the spot and get to catch more soccer games and time with your loved ones.
Panasonic VC500 Benefits Manufacturing
Helps to enhance collaboration by giving your production staff instant access to remote design. Your engineering colleagues can also collaborate on issues and ideas, and the engineering team can even monitor production in real time.
Make distance education engaging and effective with the Full HD Video and 360° HD Audio. Expenses can be reduced as the system facilitates frequent administrative meetings thereby eliminating the need to travel.
Panasonic VC500 Benefits
Panasonic VC500 Benefits Healthcare
The real-time HD video allows remote experts to participate and assist in medical consultation and treatment. They can provide institutions to enhance care to your patients.
Business Video Conferencing
The real-time collaborative experience improves productivity. It also reduces operational expenses as it reduces the need to travel.
Panasonic VC500 Benefits

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  • Panasonic started in 1918 by manufacturing light fixtures. Today it has become a global leader in consumer electronics. Panasonic comprises of 14 business domain companies. Each company has its own distinct R&D, production and sales divisions that respond to its own business segment such as digital AV, industrial solutions, home appliances and other electronic and consumer products.
    Panasonic offers net-workable office solutions, communications solutions, laptop computers, security systems, components and complete in-flight entertainment/information systems, personal care products and home appliances. Its popular products include VIERA High Definition Plasma, LCD TVs, LUMIX Digital Cameras.
    Panasonic is committed to protect the environment by pursuing advanced environmental strategies. The company’s philosophy is to promote corporate social responsibility by reviewing their economic, social and environmental activities from a global perspective to enhance accountability and improve corporate values. Its mission is to contribute to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people around the globe.

  • Specifications

    Model KX-VC500
    Video input HDMI 1 (main camera):
    - Input resolution: 1080i video only
    - Supports only camera connection. (Connection of a DVD player is not supported).
    HDMI 2 (sub camera):
    - Input resolution: 1080i video only
    - Supports only camera connection. (Connection of a DVD player is not supported.)
    VGA mini D-Sub 15P (RGB):
    - Input resolution: XGA, SVGA, VGA
    Audio input RCA (left, right):
    1.2 Vrms
    Supported devices: stand microphone (via microphone amplifier),
    audio mixer, Applies echo canceling, Boundary Microphone and RCA inputs
    can be used at the same time.
    Video output HDMI (television):
    - Resolution: 1080i video
    RCA (YPbPr):
    - Resolution: 1080i video
    Audio output HDMI (television):
    - Connected television
    RCA (left, right):
    - Connected television (with speakers), AV amplifierer, active speaker
    Maximum conference points 3
    Content sharing Personal computer (VGA terminal), sub camera (sub-HDMI video only)
    Video codec ITU-T H.264 high-profile, level 4.0. (Note: B picture is not supported).
    Audio codec MPEG-4 AAC-LD, LATM
    Encrypted transmission AES-CM/proprietary
    Network LAN (RJ45):
    - 100BASE-T full duplex (1000BASE-T is not supported)
    Control (serial) RS-232C:
    - Connection for terminal control: PC Dsub9 DCE
    Camera control:
    - Connection for camera control: HE100 Dsub9 DTE
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 16.9 in. x 3.3 in. x 11.0 in. (including legs)
    Weight Approx. 8.8 lb
    Voltage and frequency AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption During operation: 32 W, During stand-by: 30 W
    Operating temperature 0*C to 40*C / 32*F to 104*F
    Operating humidity 10 % to 90 % (non- condensing)
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    "We have been a regular customer of Clary Business Machines when it comes to purchasing the office equipments. Few weeks ago, we had to make arrangements for a grand conference in which remote participants were to take part as well. Like always, we didn't have to hover through the list of video-conferencing equipment. I gave them a call & Sean guided me well to make the right purchase"

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