MediaPOINTE MPEG-4 Encoder Blade VIDi4

MediaPOINTE MPEG-4 Encoder Blade VIDi4
MediaPOINTE MPEG-4 Encoder Blade VIDi4
  • A high density rack mount system for video over IP transport
  • The VIDi4 system is suitable for all applications requiring cost effective low bit rate video distribution over IP networks
  • Superior Audio/Video Quality
  • Dimensions : W- .78 in., H- 5.11 in., D- 6.85 in
1 year Warranty
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General Information

Category:Conferencing EquipmentManufacturer:MediaPointe
Digital Media Solution:Digital Media StreamersSolution:Recording, Streaming and Content Management

MediaPOINTE’s VIDi4 h.264 (AVC, MPEG-4 part 10) encoder blade is used in the VIDi chassis a high density rack mount system for video over IP transport. Plug a video source directly into the blade, plug into the network via the RJ-45 connection, and stream real-time DVD quality video over your LAN or WAN. The VIDi4 system is suitable for all applications requiring cost effective low bit rate video distribution over IP networks. There are two VIDi chassis. The 17-slot has the option of dual redundant power supplies and holds up to 17 blades, while the 2-slot chassis has a single power source and can hold 2 blades.
The VIDi4 has a unique embedded platform that enables consistent full motion video preserved from: delay, jitter, packet losses, and packet out-of-order instabilities. This technology is unrivaled for cost-to-performance value.

  • Superior Audio/Video Quality. h.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC) hardware compression and MediaPOINTE's optimized transmission technology provides a video image at full frame rates and D1 resolution. The video stream can be viewed by an unlimited number of clients on a LAN or WAN with 25fps PAL or 30fps NTSC assured, provided that bandwidth is available. Image resolutions are configurable from D1 (720x480 NTSC, 720x576 PAL) down to 160x120. The video bit rate can be configured from 100 kbps to 4 Mbps. The audio compression is either AAC or MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio encoding at 8 to 384 kbps with up to 48 KHz sample rate.
  • Video Inputs. The VIDi4 includes one BNC composite input, and one S-Video input for connecting video source equipment.
  • Audio Inputs. A terminal block connector provides audio inputs for Balanced and Unbalanced connections. This allows for easy onsite connections regardless of the cabling outputs of the audio source. The VIDi4 features user control of audio parameters, including mute, pre-amp and volume.
  • External Device Connections. The VIDi4 includes a serial connection via an RJ-45 or an RJ-11 connector. This connector can be used as an RS-232 port (full-duplex, no hand shaking) or an RS-422 (full-duplex) port. These ports allow the VIDi4 to interface with a variety of external devices, such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) devices.
  • Management & Configuration of the device is accomplished by any of three methods, console menus, a Web interface, or the AVN Control Protocol API. TCP/IP, HTTP, and other Internet-related protocols are supported

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  • MediaPOINTE is manufactured by AMD. MediaPOINTE solutions are industry-leading business communications solutions. They are designed for people who want to share information at any time in an easy and efficient way. MediaPOINTE has received international recognition for the quality and efficiency of its products.
    MediaPOINTE ‘s products are digital network streamers, digital media recorders, ensembles for managing and publishing videos and performers for creating DVD recordings of live performances and events. Its flagship products are the TAC-80 videoconference system, DMR HD digital recorder + live streamer and VIDi 10 encoder.
    Corporations benefit by creating online training classes, company announcements to employees and capturing meetings for sharing. Hospitals benefit by recording procedures and sharing them with colleagues. Universities and schools use MediaPOINTE products for streaming and recording of lectures and giving presentations.

  • Specifications

    • Audio connector provides input for right/left, balanced and unbalanced audio
    • S-Video connector provides input for a Y/C video cable
    • CVBS connector provides input for composite video sources
    • RCA type composite connections via adaptor
    • Serial Connector for RJ-45 connector which allows RS-232 (full-duplex, no handshaking) and RS-422 (full duplex) communication
    LED Status Indications:
    • 10/100 LED indicates the speed of the connection
    • Link/Act LED indicates the status of the Ethernet link
    • Status LED indicates proper installation, power, and operation
    • Video LED indicates the state of the video input signal when a valid video source is detected and blinks at a speed relative to the encoded bit rate when the unit is properly encoding video
    Regulatory Approvals:
    • VIDi 2-slot: FCC Part 15 Class B, UL Listed I.T.E. E257717, CE
    • VIDi 17-slot: FCC Part 15 Class A, UL Listed I.T.E. E257717, CE
    • One VIDi4 blade
    • Limited 12-month product warranty One RCA-to-BNC adapter, female-to-male
    • One Wiedenmuler terminal block connector for audio connections
    • Unbalanced audio cable for VIDi series blades
    • Extended Product Warranty
    W- .78 in. (20mm), H- 5.11 in. (130mm), D- 6.85 in. (174mm)

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