Kedacom PCMT Desktop Endpoint Software

Kedacom PCMT Desktop Endpoint Software
Kedacom PCMT Desktop Endpoint Software
  • PCMT Software plays as an endpoint of videoconferencing on a computer, configured with sound card installed, a USB camera and a headset.
  • PCMT software also provides functions such as program sharing, file transfer, whiteboard and text chatting.
  • PCMT software adopts friendly and concise Graphic User Interfaces.
  • Exceptional Video/Audio Quality.
  • Video Resolution : 4CIF (704 × 576).
Condition: New  
Freight: $10.00  
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General Information

Category:Video Conferencing EquipmentManufacturer:Kedacom
Brand:TrueSensSolution:Video Conferencing Systems

PCMT Software plays as an endpoint of videoconferencing on a computer, configured with sound card installed, a USB camera and a headset. You may use PCMT from your office desk to attend any meeting held in conference room. PCMT user can organize a point-to-point video communication between PC users or a self-service multipoint conference. During a conference, PCMT software also provides functions such as program sharing, file transfer, whiteboard and text chatting. With this software, your remote collaboration and office efficiency will be greatly improved

Exceptional Video/Audio Quality
With H.264 efficient video codec and wideband audio processing technologies, PCMT software can improve image resolution with full-dynamic effect, 16 times better than other conventional video communication software. With the Video Intelligence Optimization and Coding Policy Adjustment technologies®, PCMT software provides you with excellent audiovisual communication in any bandwidth environment.

 Concise Operation Interface
PCMT software adopts friendly and concise Graphic User Interfaces. Calls may be quickly originated through its address book, which is as convenient as making a phone call. Under its boardroom mode, by using mouse drag-and-drop, you may hold a self-service multipoint conference with various operations, even without knowledge of computer communication technology.

 Efficient Remote Collaboration
PCMT software allows to share PC desktop with other sites during video communication. Conference participants can browse PPT slides, pictures, spreadsheets or documents from each other. Its data conference functions such as application sharing, file transfer, whiteboard and text chatting with other PCMTs improve collaborative work with people in remote places.

 Strong Network Adaptability
With power of IPLR (Intelligent Packet Loss Recovery), Dynamic Rate Adjustability and QoS Optimization technologies, PCMT software can automatically adapt to different network environments and ensure conference running under adverse Internet network conditions. PCMT software also consists of a built-in proxy, which allows setting up a traversal over NAT and firewall, without any additional equipment. Thus, you can rapidly deploy a highly secured network on the basis of Internet connection.

 Powerful Conference Function
PCMT software allows to create a point-to-point or multipoint conference independently, following standard videoconferencing operations, just like operating normal hardware endpoint in a conference room. Therefore, your laptop may attend any video conference as a standard endpoint from any site.

 Intensive Security Features
The high-reliable 128-bit encryption mechanism is applied to ensure the security of conference information.

 Lower Investment Cost
As PCMT software installed in your desktop computer, you may deploy a desktop-based videoconferencing network at a very low cost. Meanwhile, using ordinary USB camera and headset as peripherals can further cut down the cost of your entire investment.

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  • Kedacom is a leading provider of videoconferencing and video surveillance systems. Kedacom systems are based on cutting edge video and audio processing technologies, and adopt the new generation concept and intelligence technologies.
    Kedacom serves industry markets such as finance, education, electricity power, energy, medical care, governments and army. Comprehensive videoconferencing applications like remote conference, streaming media on demand and remote training are well supported. Kedacom’s flagship videoconferencing systems, the TS6610/6610E, TS6210/6210E, TS5210/5610 and TS3210/3610 are popular among businesses. Video conferencing system includes TrueSens Videoconferencing System network adaptation technologies while video surveillance includes carrier-class systems and enterprise-class systems.
    Kedacom is reputed to bring high value-added and integrated technical support to its partners leveraging on advanced technologies and technical know-how. It remains focused on creating strong and successful brands that will be recognized worldwide as market leaders.

  • Specifications

    Standards Followed
    System standard: H.323
    Video standard: H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4
    Audio standard: G.711, G.722, G.722.1 Annex C/Polycom® Siren14TM, G.723.1, G.728, G.729, MP3
    Dual video standard: H.239
    Network protocol: TCP/IP, Telnet, HTTP, FTP,SNMP, DHCP, and RTP/RTCP
    Other standards: H.225, H.235, H.245, H.281, and T.120
    Conference Rate
    Up to 8 Mbps
    Video Resolution
    QCIF (176 × 144)
    CIF (352 × 288)
    4CIF (704 × 576)
    Video Frame Rate
    Up to 30 frames/second
    Video Features
    PIP (Picture In Picture) display
    Multi-picture monitoring
    Adjustment of video source parameters
    Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
    Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)
    Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    Mute and dumb control
    Active lip synchronization
    Conference Functions
    Point-to-point call or multipoint conference
    Graphic boardroom
    Conference snapshot
    Conference logo
    Conference Cooperation
    Dual video stream receiving
    Desktop sharing
    Electronic whiteboard
    Application sharing
    File transfer
    Text chat
    Network Adaptability
    NAT/firewall transversal
    Dynamic rate adjustment
    QoS (DiffServ, IP Precedence)
    Security Features
    H.235 conference encryption
    128-bit AES encryption
    Conference password
    Log-in authentication and authorization
    Gatekeeper password authentication
    Management and Diagnosis
    Graphic interface management
    Address book management
    Self-loop test
    Multicast Functions
    Conference streaming multicast
    Multicast password authentication
    Hardware Environment
    PC or server: CPU P4 2.4G or above; memory 512M or above
    USB camera
    Earphone (or microphone + sound box)

    Customer Testimonials

    "We have been a regular customer of Clary Business Machines when it comes to purchasing the office equipments. Few weeks ago, we had to make arrangements for a grand conference in which remote participants were to take part as well. Like always, we didn't have to hover through the list of video-conferencing equipment. I gave them a call & Sean guided me well to make the right purchase"

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