ClearOne Converge Pro 880TA Professional Conferencing

ClearOne Converge Pro 880TA Professional Conferencing
ClearOne Converge Pro 880TA Professional Conferencing

The Converge Pro 880TA is a complete conferencing solution with
four power amplifiers. The Converge Pro 880TA delivers enhanced
management features, simplified configuration tools and industryleading
expandablity for use in virtually any venue and application.

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General Information

Category:Audio Conferencing EquipmentManufacturer:Clearone
Categorization By Manufacturer:Professional ConferencingModel:880TA

Complete audio conferencing system with four channel power amplifiers.

The Converge Pro 880TA is a complete audio conferencing system with an integrated four channel power amplifier. The 880TA is ideal for collaboration, presentation, and distance communications. Superior audio quality is a result of combining a comprehensive set of proven features with the newest technologies. These combined with ClearOne’s HDConference suite deliver the best-sounding audio conferencing experience possible. ClearOne’s HDConference suite includes Distributed Echo Cancellation®, Noise Cancellation, First Microphone Priority, and Adaptive Modeling . In addition, the Converge Pro 880TA incorporates ClearOne’s revolutionary DARE™ feedback eliminator, providing a feedback elimination algorithm that is superior to any other on the market. A rapid configuration user interface for system setup minimizes the time it takes to get a system up and operational. The Converge Pro 880TA facilitates local and remote PC setup, control, and diagnostics and is compatible with the ClearOne Tabletop controller or integration with other popular control systems.

Link the Converge Pro 880TA to the Converge Pro 880, 880T, 840T, 8i, SR1212, SR 1212A or TH20 for extensive microphone coverage and up to 16 phone lines.

Advanced Feature Set

  • Next-generation Acoustical Echo Cancellation
    • Full bandwidth (20Hz to 22KHz) echo cancellation
    • Improved duplex performance
    • Push-to-talk microphone compatibility
  • Next-generation Noise Cancellation
  • Increased resolution on Microphone Preamp stage
    • 0-56 dB in 7 dB increments
  • Management Improvements
    • Integrated Ethernet and USB connections
    • SNMP and HTML remote management
    • Event scheduler
    • Diagnostic console
  • Simplified Configuration Software
    • Drag & drop A/V and channel objects
    • Selectable views—unit, matrix, channel
  • Expanded Serial Command List
Superior Audio Performance
  • D.A.R.E™ (Dynamic Automatic Resonance Elimination) for control of feedback
  • ext-generation Distributed Echo Cancellation® on every mic input
  • First-mic priority delivers clear audio to the far end
  • 20 Hz-22 kHz bandwidth for full-range audio response
  • ALC & AGC keep participants’ audio balanced and consistent
Configuration Flexibility
  • Four built-in 35 Watt amplifiers, 8Ω or 70V/100V
  • Up to 96 microphones
  • Link multiple Converge/Converge Pro units (Converge Pro 880, 880T, 880TA, 840T, 8i, TH20,
  • Converge SR 1212 and SR 1212A) for extensive microphone coverage and up to 16 phone lines
  • Enhanced expansion bus, featuring 18 mix-minus audio buses for routing between units
  • Ten mic gating groups (four internal six global) allow separation of mics into individual mixer gating groups for greater configuration flexibility
  • 32 presets can be executed on-the-fly without disturbing other ongoing preset operations
  • 255 Macros for customized audio control/configuration with single command execution
  • No space required between rack mounted units
  • Boardrooms
  • Training Centers
  • Municipal Rooms
  • Courtrooms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Telemedicine
  • Presentation Systems
  • Zoned Paging
  • Masking Systems

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  • ClearOne has been in the business for more than 20 years and is the world’s leading provider for audio conferencing technologies and solutions. The company dominates the professional conferencing space with more than 54% of global market share. ClearOne’s products enhance presentation, collaboration, multimedia applications and distance communications while creating natural environments for efficient and effective personal/group communication.
    Some of the popular products and solutions offered include premium conferencing, tabletop conferencing, personal conferencing, AV distribution and control, conferencing microphones and media carts. The CHATAttach 150 Personal/Group speakerphone for medium and large conference rooms, CHAT 50 Personal Conferencing, CHAT 150 USB Personal Conferencing and CHAT 170 Personal Conferencing Speakerphone are among the best products.
    ClearOne is committed to provide the highest quality products ranging from office desktop conferencing to large professional conferencing venues like training centers, courtrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms.

  • Specifications

    Audio Performance

    Conditions: Unless otherwise specified,
    all measurements are performed
    from 20 Hz to 22 kHz BW limit (no
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 22 kHz
    +/- 1 dB
    Noise (EIN): -126 dBu, 20 kHz BW,
    max gain
    Rs= 150Ω
    THD+ Noise: <0.02%
    Dynamic Range: >105 dB (non A
    Crosstalk: <-91 dB re 20 dBu full band.

    Mic/Line Inputs 1-8

    Push-on mini-terminal block, balanced,
    Impedance: > 5 KΩ
    Nominal Level: adjustable -56 dBu to 0 dBu
    (7dB step coarse gain adjustment)
    Maximum Level: -65 to +20 dBu
    Phantom Power: 24V, selectable

    Line Inputs 9-12

    Push-on mini-terminal block, balanced,
    Impedance: > 5 KΩ
    Nominal Level: 0 dBu
    Maximum Level: 20 dBu

    Output 1-8

    Push-on mini-terminal block, balanced,
    Impedance: < 50 Ω
    Nominal Level: 0 dBu
    Maximum Level: 20 dBu

    Auto Mixer Parameters

    Number of Open Microphones (NOM)
    PA Adaptive Mode
    First Mic Priority Mode
    Maximum # of Mics
    Ambient Level
    Gate Threshold Adjust
    Off Attenuation Adjust
    Hold Time
    Decay Rate
    Chairman Override
    96 Total Microphones per site
    6- Global Gating Groups
    4- Internal Gating Groups

    Matrix Mixing Parameters

    8- Microphone Analog Inputs
    4- Analog Line Inputs
    8- Analog Line Outputs
    4- Power Amplifier Outputs
    18- Expansion Bus in/out
    8- Assignable Processing Blocks in/out
    1- Telco in/out

    Assignable Processing Blocks

    All Pass
    Low Pass
    High Pass
    Low shelving
    High shelving
    CD Horn
    Delay: adjustable up to 250 ms

    Power Amplifier Output Processing

    FeedBack Elimination w/ring cancellation
    10-band EQ filter
    4-node filter bank for Crossover
    Delay Block
    Noise Gate for Hiss Control
    Sound Masking Generator per channel
    Adaptive Volume Control
    Multi Channel Control

    Microphone Processing

    4-node filter bank
    Wideband AEC with NLP
    Tail-time: 130 msec
    Noise Cancellation

    Power Amplifiers

    Channels: 4
    Amplifier Output: 4x35 Watts into 8Ω
    Impedance: Selectable 8Ω, 70V, 100V
    THD + Noise: <0.2% (1/3 Power)
    Crosstalk: <-68 dB

    Telco Line Port

    RJ-11 POTS (plain old telephone
    service) or analog PBX extension
    A-lead supervision provided
    Telco Set Port
    Pass-though RJ-11 analog jack

    Telephone Audio Performance

    Conditions: Unless otherwise specified,
    all measurements are performed with ALC
    disabled, referenced @ -15dBm on/off
    telephone line
    Frequency Response: 250 Hz to 3.3 kHz
    +/-1 dB
    THD+N: <0.3% kHz
    SNR: > 62 dB

    Telephone Processing

    LEC: 31 msec tail-time
    Null: >55 dB
    Noise Cancellation: 6-15 dB

    Expansion Bus

    Connection: CAT 5, RJ45
    Mix Minus Structure
    18 Audio Buses
    6 Gating Buses
    8 Reference Buses

    10/100 Auto Switching (PC and
    Network Port)
    HTTP Server
    Telnet Client
    SNMP Agent
    SMTP Client


    9.6k – 115k baud
    Hardware Flow Control


    Version 2.0 compatible
    Type: B-connector


    DB 25 female (A/B)
    Inputs: Active Low
    Outputs: Open Collector, 40Vdc, 40 mA

    100-240VAC; 50/60 Hz,
    300 Watts (maximum)
    Idle: 139 BTU/hr
    Full Load: 779 BTU/hr
    Efficiency: >80%


    15 to 80%


    Dimensions: 2RU
    Weight: < 30 lbs.


    Operating temperature:
    32-122 degrees F


    Industry Canada
    Class 2 Wiring Required

    Part Number

    910-151-882 Converge Pro 880TA
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    "Excellent for collaborative meetings through Webex or in person. Small and easy to transport. Great for capturing notes for an entire group. Fabulous technology!"

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