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Online Hosted Web-conferencing or a Full HD Video Conference System?
How Do You Choose?
By Julie Coontz

On several occasions I've been asked by buyers, retailers, corporations and schools alike, what are the major differences between an entry-level video conference solution offered by a company like Polycom, and a video conference system offered by an online hosting company such as Webex? The truth is fairly basic, but many people would argue, and be right, you are not comparing apples to apples. So in an apples to oranges comparison, here it is in a "Layman's terms" nutshell.

For our purposes we are going to assume our "client" who wishes to buy video conferencing equipment or an online solution is a company that holds a live video conference anywhere from five to eight times a month, with no more than four locations participating.

They need to consider video conferencing equipment prices and other benefits/drawbacks such as follows: difficulty of use, # of participants allowed, data-sharing (screen-sharing), video-capture, bandwidth requirements vs. type of internet line, and audio/video quality.

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